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About Us

BeatsFactory is a place to meet and exchange experience by people making music on or with the help of a computer. It is also a place for those who would like to try their hand at blending notes, for those who are looking for help or information, inspiration, and for those who are craving for fresh sounds - something different from what you can hear every day on the radio or television.

Behind this name there is a beautiful and long history connected with the Polish music scene in the electronic world and above all the people who create BF. It all started at the Sports Discussion Forum in 2002, where four people met and in a loose conversation "invented" BF. Within about two months, "the word became flesh" and the BF came to the Internet, at first modestly (like everything great ;-)) BF quickly began to grow, with people arriving with passion, kind and willing to create this community and service. And so, thanks to these people, their interests and willingness to act BF changed from a loose idea into one of the largest portals at the time associating Polish "computer" musicians (at that time, the word producer was not so blurred in relation to someone who composes music).

BeatsFactory disappeared from the Internet in 2010, after about 8 years of dynamic activity as a highly developed service. Now, after another 8 years, the time has come for BeatsFactory to come back to life and again become a meeting place for old friends, musicians and listeners - welcome to the forum :-)