Kolejna wersja BETA FL Studio 12

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Kolejna wersja BETA FL Studio 12

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Kolejna - szósta już - odsłona BETA wersji FL Studio 12 zbliżająca nas do wersji 20 (tak, dla tych z Was, którzy nie wiedzą - nie będzie wersji od 13 do 19, zamiast tego od razu otrzymamy FL Studio 20). Plik instalacyjny ma 658 MB objętości i instalują się z niego wersje zarówno 32 jak i 64 bity. Wersja BETA 6 działać będzie do 24 maja 2018 tak więc na testy zostało jeszcze trochę ponad tydzień.

Wersję BETA dla Windows ściągniecie stąd:

https://support.image-line.com/redirect ... 29beta_win

A dla MacOS stąd:

https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic. ... 8#p1244798

Zmiany znajdziecie w poniższym cytacie:

Kod: Zaznacz cały



        Added latency compensation for side inputs and outputs of channels and effect plugins

        Countdown before recording is now off by default

        New stutter patterns for clip chopping

        Option to resize all playlist tracks to a specific percentage

        PR: renamed "e;Select possible conflicts"e; to "e;Select overlapping notes"e;

        "e;Shared data folder"e; has been renamed to "e;User data folder"e; in File settings

        The floating hint bar is now never shown when the option is off

        Toolbar:Online panel and Downloader button are now separate items

        Toolbar: stay-down buttons are now all orange when down

        Toolbar: when the main menu is removed, it's added to its own column of the overflow menu

        Toolbar: main pitch knob now snaps at 100 cents

        Toolbar: song title is easier to read

        "e;Touch keyboard"e; has been renamed to "e;Touch controller"e;

        User data folder is automatically searched for samples (doesn't have to be in the search path list)

        Control Surface: snap to grid option

        DrumSynth Live: added send track names to control's popup menu

        DrumSynth Live: send works for any mixer track now

        Plugin Manager: plugins can be dragged to FL to load them

        Slicex: added popup with track names to send control

        ZGE Visualizer: improved FFT quality


        Control Creator available



        Add plugin menus don't update after a plugin has been favorited

        Browsing files from a plugin doesn't always work

        Channel Rack: audio clips are added in reverse order

        Dragging "e;Save preset as"e; to Windows doesn't work immediately

        Error on auto save because of missing backup folder

        Improvements to the way the offline help file is used

        Improvements to grid lines in the playlist and piano roll

        Improvements to finding a unique name for merged patterns

        Freeze adding a step to the step sequencer after creating a new pattern

        Lag when adding channels to the PL

        Mixer: right-side dock is always hidden when a project is loaded

        Mixer: send icons colors are incorrect when using custom track colors

        Note preview in graph editor is cut short

        Notes are not always imported when opening a MIDI file

        PL: clips are not selected in the picker panel when they're dragged around

        PL: track activity color is incorrect in some cases

        PL: various problems with snap and grid lines

        PL: the preview when dropping multiple samples doesn't use the correct track heights

        PL: crash using shift+select on the last pattern in the list

        PR: preset selected from drop down menu of chop tool is forgotten when the Time Mul knob is used

        Plugin database is empty after install to an existing FL folder

        Plugin windows can be hidden behind the browser when detaching and re-attaching them

        Project info window shows up in wrong location when FL is stretched over multiple screens

        Project files opened from the command line are not added to the recent projects menu

        Reversing an audio clip's sample doesn't revert the regions

        Send to Edison has unicode issues

        Song position indicator is shown at high zoom level when "e;Precise time indicator"e; is off

        Stuck notes when using an arpeggiator

        Toolbar: various fixes to output scope

        3xOsc & Patcher: names of some per-note parameters are not set

        Control Surface: control names aren't loaded correctly

        DirectWave: "e;Show note names in host"e; option should not be in the global section

        DirectWave: unable to edit zones 255 and up in the zone editor

        Edison: silence inserted when switching from "e;On input"e; to "e;On play"e; while the record button is pressed

        FPC: requests permission to overwrite files for each sample even when there are duplicate samples

        Gross Beat: editor width is not remembered when switching to compact mode and back

        Multiband Compressor: Ratio knob for the low band doesn't reset to the middle position

        Newtone: can't drop samples from browser

        Sakura: high cpu usage in some cases

        Sytrus: indication of active tabs is not updated in real time

        VFX Level Scaler: some parameter names are incorrect

        VFX Level Scaler: doesn't work when the editor is hidden

        VFX Level Scaler: settings are not applied immediately


        Crash dragging pattern to PL

        Crash on close when channel rack is detached

        Error when using "e;Export project bones"e;

        Export to zip freezes

        Improvements to Audio Unit support

        Improvements to keyboard handling

        Incorrect save location when selecting a project data folder

        Mixer: visual glitches after docking tracks

        Peak meter cursor shows over other applications

        PR: maximized state is not remembered when the window is closed and shown again

        Pressing F12 to close a plugin triggers an access violation

        Toolbar: have to click twice to select a popup menu option

        Toolbar: access violation removing "e;space"e; items

        Control Surface: dragging to plugin from Finder doesn't work

        DirectWave: clicking on the sample tab crashes FL

        HTML Notebook: requested files and urls are not loaded

        Parametric EQ 2: bands move a little bit horizontally when pressing the mouse button over them

        Plugin Manager: Waves plugins are not verified during scan

        Wrapper: crash using Sausage Fattener VST plugin

        Wrapper: "e;Use fixed size buffers"e; setting is not recalled correctly

        Wrapper: Massive VST has a black editor window

        Wrapper: closing a project with more than one Audio Unit plugin crashes


        Toolbar: wrong height on first start when Windows is set to 150% scaling
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